One of my lifelong dreams was to write a fiction novel. After nearly five years of work, I am about to publish one. When I began writing this novel, the idea was daunting. After all, I was in my late fifties and had no track record as an author. Frequently I found myself asking why I was still pursuing this dream. Lucky for me, I found Cup and Quill Editing and Publication Services. My first contact in the company was the editor, founder, and CEO, Doctor Linda Tucker. She proved to be a priceless asset not only because of her knowledge but also because of her energetic personality.

My editor, Doctor Shannin Schroeder, was equally priceless. One of the challenges of my writing was my age. I am currently sixty-one years old, and I grew up in an age when Americans were far less politically correct. My use of language and my grammar were a bit archaic. Doctor Schroeder was both patient and informative all along in her work with me. She was available for assistance both via the internet and by phone. She helped shape my novel into something far greater than I imagined it would be.

The people of Emerald Design truly lived up to their company’s name: they were gems! Both Doctor Jessica Hammerman and Isaac Peterson were almost as excited as I was to publish my work.” Doctor Hammerman’s deep understanding of history brought unique and powerful insights into my narrative. Also, as written on the Cup and Quill home page, Isaac’s  “technological know-how complements his creativity.”

I could not have worked with a better team of people. Apart from the accolades I wrote above, their services were amazingly affordable. I live in Minnesota, and before I found Cup and Quill, I met with a local small publishing company that has similar services. However, that company wanted to charge me approximately three times as much!

A couple of people who have already read my work wonder when I will write a sequel. I have no idea. But I do know that I will use Cup and Quill when I do.


Jim S. on working with Team CQ and Publishing Partners, Emerald Design