Editing Services

Developmental editing

Developmental editing helps shape the work, from finding issues with the plot direction to the actual organization of chapters and sections. The editor helps bring a manuscript closer to its final, publishable structure. This type of editing can be an intensive process and may challenge the author to reassess their writing. After developmental editing, a project is ready for the next stage in the writing process, which is copyediting.  At CQ, coaching is often paired with a developmental editing package.


Copyediting involves working closely with the actual language of the text. The editor may point out general errors with the writing, such as inconsistency in verb tenses,and make suggestions regarding word choice and grammar. After a thorough copyedit, the manuscript is ready to move on to the proofreading stage.

Content editing

At CQ, we define content editing as a combination of developmental editing and copyediting. We look for consistency and coherency at the level of the whole, and we pay attention to grammar, syntax, diction, and dialogue throughout.

Proofreading/line editing 

Proofreading is generally considered to be the final step in the editing process. Proofreaders focus on the formatting of the work and check for technical and stylistic consistency. Like a copyeditor, they will point out and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues within the work. However, they are less concerned with errors in the content of the work, such as word choice and fact checking, as it is presumed these issues were corrected in the copyediting stage.        


 All projects are different so prices may vary. 

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Single Quill Content Editing

includes one round of editing and suggestions for revision.


.025 to 0.03/word


Ask about our junior editor rates.

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Double Quill Content Editing

includes one round of content editing with suggestions for revision followed by a review of the author's revised manuscript.

0.03 to 0.04/word

Ask about our junior editor rates.

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Triple Quill Content Editing

includes one round of content editing with suggestions for revision, a followup review of revisions, and proofreading.

0.045 to 0.055/word

Ask about our junior editor rates.

Additional Services 


Coaching for Writers

Custom tailored coaching and coaching/editing packages are available for writers who need support, strategies, and accountability practices to develop effective writing habits and bring their projects to fruition.  Request a Quote

Statistical Analyses

Services include both descriptive and inferential statistics. We assist with the early stages of research study design and the creation of data collection instruments, help run statistics on datasets, and assist with the interpretation and writeup of results.  Request a Quote  

Publication Services

Finish your book

Once your manuscript is edited and ready to go, your next step may be publication. Cup & Quill partners with Emerald Design Co. to offer a range of design and publication services. We can help you:

    • Publish your book on Kindle 
    • Publish your book in print
    • Custom-design a cover 
    • Get an ISBN
    • List on Amazon
    • Market your book on Amazon and on social media platforms
    • Create a website
    • Create apparel and products


à la carte prices:

    • Formatting for Kindle $500
    • Formatting for Print $500
    • Formatting for both $900
    • Budget photograph cover design $225
    • Hand-drawn custom cover design $950
    • Author website (landing page and shop only) $1,200

The first step to determine what you need and how we can help you is to fill out this form for authors Next, choose your publication options.


Format for Kindle


Kindle books are an easy way to enter into the writing marketplace. Readers can explore and find your book easily, especially with advertising packages. Ask us about our ad packages.

Contact Jessica at Jessica@emerald-design.co


Format for Print


Get a paperback book in your preferred size. Can include color, black & white, images, and more. Our designer will bring your book to life. Buy as many or as few copies as you'd like at wholesale prices (no minimum!).  Ask about our advertising packages!

Contact Jessica at Jessica@emerald-design.co


Format for Both


Get the best of both formats at a discounted price all at once. Includes ISBN, About the Author, Amazon markets for both, a specialized blurb, and your choice of pricing and fonts. Author royalties range from 30–50%.

Your cover is the most important element in drawing attention to your book and helping shape its identity. Our amazing artist and designer, Isaac Peterson, will create a cover that will speak to your audience and reflect your vision.

Note: The size of the book and the number of pages changes the specifications of the cover—they are exact calculations. The trim has to be exact, even in Kindle designs. The best way to design the cover is to talk with Isaac about it. 

Questions about cover design? Email Isaac at Isaac@emerald-design.co


Photo Cover Design


We help you pick a photo for your cover design. This is also a great option if you're on a budget or if you have a photo that you want to use.


Custom Art Cover


Bring your book to life with a custom-designed cover by a professional artist. 

Gallery of some of our custom covers

We want to see authors succeed

At Emerald Design, we want you to succeed. Our authors receive up to 50% in royalties, and the publications are on a three-month cycle. We are here to help you launch your book and publicize it, if you choose.