Editing Services

"Revision is the heart of writing. Every page I do is done over seven or eight times."

~Patricia Reilly Giff

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Single Quill Edit 

$49 + 2.5 cents/word $125 minimum

One round of content/developmental editing with recommendations for revisions in the comments. A single quill edit is ideal for writers on a budget, or those who know their work needs further revision but don't know where to focus their attention.





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Double Quill Edit + Proofread

$49 + 6 cents/word $225 minimum

Includes three rounds of editing: A developmental edit, a second creative edit, and a final proofread to make sure your manuscript is ready for publication.

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Triple Quill Package: 2 edits + Proofread + Developmental Overview

8 cents/word minimum $375

Start with a creative, developmental overview which provides valuable feedback for the scope and structure of your manuscript. Continues with two rounds of editing—both developmental and copyediting—then a final proofread to make sure your manuscript is perfect and ready for publication.

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Poetry and Children's Literature

up to 2500 words $250
2501-5000 words $250 + 8 cents/word over 2500
5001-10K $500 + 6 cents per word over 5000
Over 10K to be determined 


A Cup and Quill editor specializing in poetry or a published children's author will work with you. Understand what it takes to get your children's book ready for publication and marketing. Work with an editor who understands the complexity and emotion in poetry. These processes are special. Our editors understand your goals and we will help you reach them.

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Manuscript Review

$125 / 5000 words

$10 each additional 1000 words

A Cup and Quill editor will read and offer general comments on a complete manuscript. Comments will focus on macro-level issues such as structure, organization, and plot and character development. The editor will make recommendations for revisions to move the manuscript to the next stage of the writing process. 


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Coaching for Writers

Coaching 4-month engagement $1250

This package includes weekly coaching sessions for writers. Whereas editing is the final process for writers, sometimes you have a great manuscript that isn't ready for editing. Consider coaching if you don't know where to start, or if you are seeking assistance with plot structure, character development, or refining language in general. Coaching is also helpful for writers who find themselves stuck in the middle of a project. We will help you get your project off the ground and keep you moving forward.  

Hybrid Coaching & Editing 6-month engagement $3500

This package includes weekly coaching sessions and the equivalent of a single-quill edit at the end of the coaching period for up to 50,000 words. 

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Coaching for Academic Writers

$500/month or $900/2 months

Dr. Jane Theriault offers academic writing coaching packages for longer-term projects, such as dissertations. Coaching packages are $450/month or $800/2 months. Each package is custom-tailored to the client's needs. Most arrangements involve a back and forth editing process in addition to a supportive, accountability system, and opportunities for consultation with Dr. Theriault throughout  the research and writing process. Email jane@cupandquill.com for more information.


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Creative Development

$1,025 for 6 weeks of working together

Creative development is an exciting collaborative process between a writer and their editor. In this process, we aren’t necessarily looking for simple errors of spelling and grammar, instead we are discussing the plot on the whole and the emotional arc of the characters. Is the world of the book believable? Are the events of the book easy to follow? Can portions of the story be better arranged for dramatic effect? This option is a deep-dive into story theory and plot structure concepts. We’ll take a look at structural examples in the work of other authors and creatively refine your book to deepen your engagement with your future readers. You can purchase this option to work with our resident writing and structural expert, Isaac Peterson.

Academic Rates

Our acedemic editor, Jane Theriault, specializes in editing dissertations and other academic writing.

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One Round of Editing

3 cents per word

Dr. Jane Theriault offers editing for academic projects, such as dissertations. A single round of editing can improve an academic project at any stage in the research and writing process. Email jane@cupandquill.com for more information.


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Up to Three Rounds of Editing

5 cents per word

This is the preferred editing structure for research and writing projects. It allows for back and forth between author and editor with the final goal of a finished project. Email jane@cupandquill.com for more information.

Formatting only rates and other options available upon request - please reach out!


Developmental editing

Developmental editing helps shape the work, from finding issues with the plot direction to the actual organization of chapters and sections. The editor helps bring a manuscript closer to its final, publishable structure. This type of editing can be an intensive process and may challenge the author to reassess their writing. After developmental editing, a project is ready for the next stage in the writing process, which is copyediting.  At CQ, coaching is often paired with a developmental editing package.


Copyediting involves working closely with the actual language of the text. The editor may point out general errors with the writing, such as inconsistency in verb tenses,and make suggestions regarding word choice and grammar. After a thorough copyedit, the manuscript is ready to move on to the proofreading stage.

Content editing

At CQ, we define content editing as a combination of developmental editing and copyediting. We look for consistency and coherency at the level of the whole, and we pay attention to grammar, syntax, diction, and dialogue throughout.

Proofreading/line editing 

Proofreading is generally considered to be the final step in the editing process. Proofreaders check for technical and stylistic consistency. Like a copyeditor, they point out any remaining grammar, spelling, or punctuation issues within the work. However, they are less concerned with errors in the content of the work, such as word choice and fact checking; it is presumed these issues were caught in earlier rounds of editing.        

Additional Services 


Coaching for Writers

Custom tailored coaching and coaching/editing packages are available for writers who need support, strategies, and accountability practices to develop effective writing habits and bring their projects to fruition.  Request a Quote


A collaboration. You provide the concept, we write the story. Can include help with book proposals, research, and more. Request a Quote