If there wasn’t a word limit to how long these reviews could be, I could write an entire novella about how amazing Linda has been to work with. The first thing that resonated with me was how responsive she was. Within the same night of posting that I needed an editor, she was in my dm’s and it wasn’t long until we had exchanged phone numbers and were texting back and forth. She had me send a sample of work and did a quick edit to see if she was going in the right direction. I was absolutely amazed at how quickly she picked up on my tone, style, and direction for the story. She has suggested countless edits that have improved both sentence structure and character development for my books. She is very easy to get a hold of via texting and is very positive and absolutely hilarious. She has gone above and beyond in so many ways; including, but not limited to: directing me on improvements for my book cover, suggesting a graphic designer for said cover, and saving my book summary from the pits of hell. Her value is unparalleled. If she still wants to stick around with me as I continue in my author career, I will be hiring her over and over again to edit my books, as I can’t imagine anyone else who will do everything she does in the way she does them. I feel so much more confident to put my work out into the world now and feel I have a professional and elevated version of my books.

Dannie Y.