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Dr. Linda Tucker

Editor, Founder & CEO

Dr. Linda Tucker, founder and CEO of Cup & Quill, has a PhD and an MA in English from the University of Alberta, and a BA in English/Humanities from York University. She is an English professor with over twenty years of experience teaching literature and writing courses at the university level. Linda is the author of Lockstep and Dance: Images of Black Men in Popular Culture (2007) and a certified life coach. In her non-writing life, Linda is a CrossFit enthusiast and an animal lover. She shows Registered American Paint Horses at the regional and world level in both Western and English events. Born and raised in Canada, Linda moved to the U.S. in 2003 and resides in southern Arkansas.

Jane Theriault

Dr. Jane Theriault


Dr. Jane Theriault received her PhD in Social and Developmental Psychology from Brandeis University in 2011. Her training focused on advanced statistical analyses and research methods. Jane also served as the manager of her research lab during her time at Brandeis. Her dissertation and subsequent research has focused on sexual behavior in adolescents and young adults. Professionally, Dr. Theriault teaches psychology at the undergraduate level in Massachusetts.  Jane also volunteers in the community, most recently serving as the Director of Community Service on the Board of the Junior League of Boston.  She lives with her husband, daughter, and 2 dogs in central Massachusetts.


Dr. Shannin Schroeder


Dr. Shannin Schroeder has been teaching writing, including creative writing, at the university level for over twenty years. She received her PhD in English from Northern Illinois University and her BA and MA, with an emphasis in creative writing, from Truman State University in Missouri. Her scholarly expertise and publications center around magical realism. Her most recent writing delves into young adult literature. Shannin excels at helping writers to focus, to maintain continuity, and to refine their works, no matter the genre or the scope of the project. She has an ear for believable dialogue and a knack for finding clever ways for writers to move in and out of scenes, but she can also step back and do simple copyediting for authors who want to send out polished works. Shannin is a Midwesterner who moved to Arkansas with her husband to teach; they have two daughters.

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Dr. Eduardo Frajman


Dr. Eduardo Frajman grew up in San Jose, Costa Rica. He graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and received a PhD in political science from the University of Maryland. Eduardo has taught social science and humanities courses at several colleges and universities. His work has appeared in dozens of publications, academic and literary, in Spanish and English, online and in print. Eduardo has worked as an editor and translator. He has some experience doing voice-over narration as well. Eduardo provides editing and coaching services in both English and Spanish.


Dr. Jessica Hammerman


Dr. Hammerman has two decades of experience in the teaching, writing, and editing worlds. She received a Ph.D. in European and World History from the City University of New York Graduate Center, and is a professor of history at Central Oregon Community College. She has worked as an editor for Penguin and W.W. Norton, and has also served as a copyeditor for several national magazines, from Condé Nast Traveler to Playbill publications. She has published several articles for popular and academic presses. Jessica will help you format your book for publication on Amazon with Emerald Design Co. 


Mike Leavitt

Associate Editor

Mike W. Leavitt earned a BA in Creative Writing and an MFA in Fiction from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, and has taught creative writing at the university level for over two years. Before that, he worked as a television salesperson, a Chinese food delivery driver, a web developer, and a United States Marine, among other things. His writing and editing interests run the fiction gamut, from strict realism to the weirdest varieties of fabulism, fantasy, and science fiction. Mike firmly believes that a good story is a good story, no matter the genre, and that anyone can learn to tell a story well—all it takes is practice, and maybe a little nudge or two in the right direction. When he's editing, he seeks to help an author best tell the story they've set out to tell, above all else.

A native Floridian, Mike is acclimated to the sweltering summer heat, considering it a small price to pay for the milder winters. In his (increasingly precious) spare time, he enjoys reading and writing, playing video games, studying computer programming and game design theory, and spending time with his family.

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Rebecca Stohler

Associate Editor

Rebecca Stohler is about to graduate with a B.A. in English from Southern Arkansas University where she has studied under both Linda and Shannin. A creative writer herself, Rebecca will continue her studies in an MFA program at the University of Arkansas at Monticello in the fall of 2019. She joins Team CQ as our first junior editor and looks forward to working with CQ clients on a variety of projects. Rebecca knows what it means to dream so big that it scares you. She also knows what it is like to go after those dreams full force for she has done and continues to do just that. She is eager to help other writers do the same.  Rebecca lives in Magnolia, Arkansas with her husband Aaron and a bunch of little dogs.

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Ciera Horton McElroy

Associate Editor

Ciera Horton McElroy holds an MFA in fiction from the University of Central Florida and a BA in Creative Writing from Wheaton College (IL). Her writing credits (fiction and nonfiction) include The Washington Post, World Magazine, The Chattahoochee Review, the Crab Orchard Review, Little Fiction, Lumina, and Flash Fiction Magazine among others. Ciera specializes in developmental revisions and line editing, helping refine prose on the sentence level. Ciera currently resides in Orlando, Florida where she works as a communications consultant for Affirm Films, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company. Aside from writing, Ciera enjoys painting, photography, and training for races.


Bailey Schroeder

Junior Editor

Bailey is a 2019 graduate of Truman State University and has a B.A. in English. Her primary focus has been Young Adult and Children’s literature, but she enjoys works of all genres. While working on her capstone project in college, Bailey discovered a passion for editing her peers’ creative writing works, and looks forward to joining Team CQ as a junior editor. Her strength lies in helping authors with continuity, grammar, diction, and punctuation. 

Aside from her courses in English, Bailey has studied Chinese and Japanese for several years, and has traveled overseas to teach English. In the future, Bailey wants to work in English translation or teaching. She currently lives in Magnolia, Arkansas, with her family.



Isaac Peterson

Designer and Publisher

With 20 years of experience in digital design, art, and education, Isaac specializes in formatting your book once it has been edited. He has the expertise and artistic eye to create a book that is both beautiful and enticing. Isaac is the heart of Emerald Design Co. He has designed and built websites for clients in technology, health, blockchain, and self-help. His technological know-how complements his creativity. He is also a writer and has published and illustrated his own books. 


Rhaelene Rollins Lowther


Rhaelene Rollins Lowther is an artist with 20 years of professional experience. She received a BFA in Art, with emphasis in Painting and a BA in Art Education from Brigham Young University. Rhaelene earned her MFA in Art, with an emphasis in Graphic Design, from Utah State University. Rhaelene has worked in and taught a variety of medium, from drawing, painting, and bookbinding to graphic design, animation, and 3D modeling. She also has ten years of experience working in the game development industry, where she worked on a range of titles from Amped Snowboarding to Drama Queen: DS. Rhaelene has a particular love for designing child-friendly pieces, but enjoys and is comfortable executing ideas in the medium and style needed to express the concept. Her versatility allows her to be open to logo design, book cover design, and illustrations. Rhaelene resides in southern Arkansas and teaches Game Art and Animation at the undergraduate level.