Finish your book

Once your manuscript is edited and ready to go, your next step may be publication. Cup & Quill partners with Emerald Design Co. to offer a range of design and publication services.

Formatting/ book design

A lot goes into transforming your manuscript into a book. The formatting process ensures that everything is perfect for publication. We design your book for you, including chapter headings, page numbers, font choices, margins, book size, table of contents, and more. We can add character to the book with book art in chapter headings and other natural breaks. 

Cover Design

Your cover is the most important part of your book. Emerald will create a custom design for your book, whether we work with a photograph or image of your choosing, or we design your cover from scratch.


Emerald Design will publish your book for you. It will receive an ISBN and it will be available on Amazon for purchase. You can also buy author copies at wholesale rates.

Author Website

We want you to embody your new identity as an author. We create author websites that feature your book (and also include any previous books you published).   



Emerald Book Package


  • A professional interior print layout
  • kindle ebook layout
  • Full cover layout for print
  • kindle cover
  • A design proof
  • A global ISBN
  • Distribution through Ingram
  • An initial consultation with our marketing specialist
  • Support and communication 
  • 5 free author copies
  • 75% of all revenue from sales in print or on kindle

Here's what you need:

  • A clean final manuscript
  • Dedication / Letter from the Author
  • About the Author
  • Author Photo
  • Blurbs
  • Synopsis
  • A cover image: at least 2500 x 3500px

The final result is your book for sale in print and on kindle.

*note, if your manuscript exceeds 100,000 words there is an additional fee of $250.

How to prepare for publishing


  • Your manuscript should be complete and free of errors.
  • At this stage we don't edit or change any language. 
  • Proofreading needs to be done before layout.
  • Accept all changes and delete all comments.
  • Use search to eliminate any multiple spaces.
  • Delete any multiple line returns, don't use line returns to make blank space.
  • Delete all tab-ins. We use first-line indent instead to stay consistent.
  • Choose a font you like and set the entire document in the same font at the same size. We'll base the design on this font.
  • Add some style to the chapter titles, so we have a sense of what you like.
  • Make sure your structure is well defined. If you have 20 + chapters you should probably have parts.

Blurbs, about the author, and other additional elements.

  • If you are working with an editor, write the additional elements as part of your project. 
  • A blurb is an advance review of your book. Share your work with people and ask them to send their feedback
  • A synopsis is one of the most important elements in sales. Imagine yourself holding your book telling another person what it is about and why they should read it. 
  • Take some time to write a dedication. It really makes the book special.
  • Take a beautiful picture of yourself. Most modern smartphones work great. Look around for good light.

Revenue from book sales

  • You will receive 75% of all revenue from sales of print and ebooks
  • You can modify your pricing strategy at any time.
  • This chart shows the most profitable pricing strategy for kindle ebooks, which is to set them at $2.99 and choose 70% profit.


  • We cannot reduce the price of the basic package if you already have a fully designed cover, but we're happy to work with an existing design. Any existing design requires significant adaptation in a new layout.
  • If you would like to use an existing design we need an illustrator or photoshop file (.ai, .psd) in order to alter it, as well as a folder with all of the fonts used.
  • Your cover must be vertically oriented. 
  • Do not use a flash if photographing artwork.
  • Your cover must be 2500px by 3500px. There is nothing worse than a book with a pixelated cover.
  • We design all of the text for the title and the back cover.
  • We usually do some image adjusting to your cover to make it look great.
  • Most books use stock photos for the cover. Here's a list of major stock photo sites. You can find your perfect cover here, then just purchase the photo and send it to us for the layout.

istock      bigstock     Getty      Period Images      UnSplash

Talk with us, cover consultation is free, and we can help you look for images.

Additional Items

These are services you can add to our basic publication package.

Emerald Art Cover — $1000

If you want to go beyond a stock photo cover, our resident cover artist will work with you to create the perfect cover. This takes extra time and a lot of communication. Add this item if you would like something special for the cover of your book, a digital painting or a digital collage created to fulfill your vision. Here are some ideas:

  • Full renderings of your characters
  • A digital painting of the exact scene from your novel
  • Photorealistic digital collage

This option is required if you need any artwork for the cover beyond placing a photograph and designing type, which is included in the basic package.  

Fully Designed Interior — $1000

If you are creating a workbook or technical manual you may need a fully desingned interior. These include special graphics such as sidebars, graphs, or charts or images inserted in each chapter. Here are some examples:

  • Charts and data
  • Diagrams for visualization or explanation
  • Visual metaphors 
  • Information presented in a grid
  • Maps
  • Calendars

This option is required for certain types of books. Here's an example of a weekly planner from a designed interior layout.



à la carte menu:

Author website: from $500

Consultation on how to format: from $400 for min. 2 hours

Formatting for Kindle: from $450

Web hosting: from $50/month

Graphics & Illustration contracts: from $500

Logo creation: from $150

Strategic Book Launch: from $200/month


If you are unsure about what options will work for you, we are always available for a free consultation by phone or email. Get in touch with

Gallery of some of our custom covers

We want to see authors succeed

At Emerald Design, we want you to succeed. You will end this process with a beautiful book, your best possible.