Finish your book

Once your manuscript is edited and ready to go, your next step may be publication. Cup & Quill partners with Emerald Design Co. to offer a range of design and publication services.

Formatting/ book design

A lot goes into transforming your manuscript into a book. The formatting process ensures that everything is perfect for publication. We design your book for you, including chapter headings, page numbers, font choices, margins, book size, table of contents, and more. We can add character to the book with book art in chapter headings and other natural breaks. 

Cover Design

Your cover is the most important part of your book. Emerald will create a custom design for your book, whether we help you choose a photograph, or we design your cover from scratch.


Emerald Design will publish your book for you. It will receive an ISBN and it will be available on Amazon for purchase. You can also buy author copies at wholesale rates.

Author Website

We want you to embody your new identity as an author. We create author websites that feature your book (and also include any previous books you published). 


à la carte menu:

Author website: from $500

Formatting for Print: (without publication) $200

Fees for formatting books longer than 50,000 words: .015 per (extra) word

Web hosting

Logo creation

Graphics creation or editing


Strategic Book Launch

Get a quote for the above.

The first step to determine what you need and how we can help you is to fill out this form for authors.  Next, choose your publication options.  





Format for Kindle

from $450

Kindle books are an easy way to enter into the writing marketplace. Readers can explore and find your book easily, especially with advertising packages. Contact us to order this product.


Format for Print

from $575

Get a paperback book in your preferred size. Can include color, black & white, images, and more. Our designer will bring your book to life. Buy as many or as few copies as you'd like at wholesale prices (no minimum!). Contact us to order this product.


Format for Both

from $900

Get the best of both formats at a discounted price. Includes ISBN, About the Author, Amazon markets for both, a specialized blurb, and your choice of pricing and fonts. Contact us to order this product.

Your cover is the most important element in drawing attention to your book and helping shape its identity. Our amazing artist and designer, Isaac Peterson, will create a cover that will speak to your audience and reflect your vision. Note: The size of the book and the number of pages changes the specifications of the cover—they are exact calculations. The trim has to be exact, even in Kindle designs. The best way to design the cover is to talk with Isaac about it.  Questions about cover design? Email Isaac at


Cover finishing


This package is for clients who already have a cover designed. The price includes the costs of making the cover look its best and fitting it to the appropriate size of your book. We design the book spine and back cover, including author photo.


Photo Cover Design


We help you pick a photo for your cover design. This is also a great option if you're on a budget or if you have a photo that you want to use. Also includes spine, back cover, and author photo. Contact us to order this product.


Custom Illustration Cover


Bring your book to life with a custom-designed cover by Isaac, a professional artist who has drawn and painted a variety of covers and digital art. He has been a professor of digital arts and painting and drawing for 12 years, and has published two fully illustrated children's books. Also includes spine, back cover, author photo, and blurb. Contact us to order this product.

Gallery of some of our custom covers

We want to see authors succeed

At Emerald Design, we want you to succeed. You will end this process with a beautiful book, your best possible.