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Wall balls, Wusses, and Winning

If I’ve been choosing comfort over growth and development at the Crossfit box, chances are I’m doing the same thing elsewhere in my life. I imagine we all do that from time to time in realms that invite us to challenge ourselves.

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Don’t Settle for a Life You Don’t Love

I love dogs because everything they feel, they reveal. When they are happy, they show us their unmitigated joy with the most beautiful, exuberant expressions of mind and body. People, in contrast, are often hesitant to seek joy for themselves and celebrate joyous moments when they are lucky enough to find them. Why is this? Is it because in today’s fast-paced world joy is seen as frivolous? Extra? Unnecessary? Is a joyful person seen as one who isn’t taking life seriously? Are joy and success perceived as mutually exclusive? I teach a course called Advanced Professional Writing. Most of my

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Why I Love Crossfit

Why I Started Going to Crossfit It’s 2:35 a.m. and I am up and at it, writing a blog entry before I leave for Crossfit at 4:30. Pretty much every morning, Monday through Friday, I get up, pour myself a cup of ambition, and head out the door to the 5:00 a.m. class at Slaton Kinesiology in Magnolia, AR. I’d been a runner most of my life–track in junior high and high school– loved it, even though they had to time me with a calendar. Thereafter, I ran 5ks, 10ks, and half-marathons and, when I was 28, I ran a full

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