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Cussing in the South: What Outsiders Need to Know

I have a bit of a potty mouth. I swear. Where I live, it’s called cussing. I found out the hard way that the cultural codes of cussing are written in stone, or might as well be. Unfortunately, no one thinks to tell a “foreigner” the rules of cussing when they move to the South. They let us figure it out on our own. I suspect watching us stumble around trying to learn the rulesof the game is considered sport. Understand that Magnolia, AR is on the buckle of the bible belt. Whereas maybe just a few students in a

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Why Did the Canadian Move to Magnolia, AR?

“How did a Canadian end up moving to Magnolia, Arkansas?” I am asked that question at least a couple of times a week even though I have been here 15 years. I’m often amused by people’s reactions when they find out I’m Canadian. For example, there was the time an acquaintance introduced me to her elderly mother: “Mama, this is Linda. She’s from Canada.” Mama’s eyes grew very wide and she exclaimed, “Oh my! A real, live foreigner!” On another occasion, a friend introduced me to someone she knew. “This is Linda. She’s Canadian.” That information generated a squeal followed

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